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Meters: 150.000mts
Sleeps: 24


We welcome you in this old house, in typical colonial style from Ibiza, which dates from the 19th century.
Technical details:
Double rooms: 6 (each one with a different decoration).
Suites: 6 (minibar, airconditioning/ heating)
Lounges: 3 (1 library lounge) (2 lounges with fireplace)
Lobby bar & restaurant: 200m2
12 x 6m swimming-pool
Several landscaped áreas
Forest areas environement (not included): aprox 1.000.000 square meters. Protected environmental areas and areas of protected junting species. Cultivated land: aprox 120.000 square metres. Growing of vines, fruit tres, almond tres, carob tres, olive tres.
Land area: 50.000 square metres 5 hectares).
On a top of a hill overlooking the valleys and the countyside. Privileged location over other lands. Hotel facing south entries: 2. Private property. Private parking.
Room furnishing:
Air-conditioner, cold/hot
TV satellite
Distances to other places of interest:
7,5 Kilometres distance from the city of Ibiza ( the capital of the island of Ibiza, also called Eivissa). 4 Kilometres distance from the city of Santa Eulalia. 18 Kilometres distance from the airport. 1.500 meters distance from the nearest beach. 1.500 meters distance from the Golf course. 4 Kilometres distance from shopping centres ( shops, bars, supermarkets, nightclubs, etc).
The plot of land:
Can Pere Marí extends 250.000 square meters including wooded and farming areas. One part of this plot of land is currently being used for agricultural production –vine growing, potatoes and citrus tres- as well as for fruit and vegetable growing.
The land belongs to a protected natural área destined for hunting species reproduction. Therefore, hunting here is forbidden. You can enter the said área and enjoy, as we do, this enviromental piece of land whichwe try to keep in its natural state.

Price: 30.000€/Week + VAT not included

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